Days at the beach aren't complete without Swell Hunter.

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Light, yet sturdy ISUPs

That fit in a backpack

So what exactly does ISUP stand for?

ISUP stands for inflatable stand up paddleboards. These large, buoyant and easily transportable boards are perfect for cruising around the coastline, rivers, or even playing in the surf. It’s an amazingly fun sport accessible by all ages and abilities in any part of the country.

Great, and who are Swell Hunter?

Swell Hunter are a British business that sell high quality ISUPs and paddles at a price that is not going to involve you re-mortgaging your house to buy one! When you pump up one of our boards the quality speaks for itself.

Awesome! How can I get started?

You can jump straight in if you know what you’re looking for, or you can try out “Find my board” selector to figure out which board is right for you!