Frequently asked questions

Why should we buy from Swell Hunter compared to other brands?

Swell Hunter are a UK based business that sells high quality ISUPs at a price that is not going to break the bank. Our aim is simple: to provide premium quality boards at an affordable price and give everyone the chance to experience ISUPing. When comparing different brands, poorer quality brands weigh substantially less than Swell Hunter and will pump to much lower PSIs (8-15). This is because our boards use a thicker, higher quality, PVC drop stitch which is double reinforced, meaning it can be pumped up to 25PSI. This gives the rider additional comfort when out in the water, especially near rocks, resulting in an inflatable with the performance characteristics of a hardboard. We also offer great customer service and will always go out of our way to ensure that our customers have a smile on their faces when out on their boards.

How strong are Swell Hunter Boards?

The boards are very solid. They are made of top of the range PVC drop stitch material and double reinforced for additional strength. We’ve tested them in all kinds of conditions and you will forget that you are on an inflatable! We also offer 3 months’ warranty with all new boards purchased, so ISUP with confidence!

What pressure shall I pump my board up to?

The recommended PSI depends on the weight of the rider.

Rider's weight Recommended PSI
Up to 85kg 15 PSI
Over 85kg 20 PSI

Please note: if you need to add rigidity to the board, increase the board up to 25 PSI. The above are just guidelines and if you are say 70kg, and want a slightly stiffer board, then it is absolutely fine to increase the PSI from the above recommendation provided it does not exceed 25 PSI. Please do not inflate to over 25 PSI, as this could result in damage to the board and potentially personal injury.

Remember that the max weight recommended for each board is:

Model Maximum weight
300XL 125kg
320 110kg
300 100kg

I think there is an issue with my board. What shall I do?

Don’t panic! If you send us by email (email address: contactus@swellhunter.co.uk) a description of the issue and also a picture, then we will try to get you out ISUPing again within no time at all.

What’s the difference between an inflatable SUP and a hard SUP?

The main difference is that ISUPs offer the convenience of easy storage and transport with no need for a roof rack. Our boards deflate and can be carried along with the paddle, pump and accessories in a Swell Hunter backpack to the beach. Hard boards traditionally offer superior performance in surf conditions. However, our aim at Swell Hunter has been to make a board with the performance benefits of a hard board, but with the convenience benefits of an ISUP.

What is Swell Hunter’s returns policy?

If it is due to a fault with the board, the please email us ASAP at contactus@swellhunter.co.uk and we will try to get you out ISUPing as soon as possible!

For any other returns, please follow the steps below.

Our policy allows you 30 days from the date on which the goods were received to return any item, for whatever reason, provided that the products are unused and the packaging intact.

To return a product, please:

  • 1. Email us (email address: contactus@swellhunter.co.uk) explaining the reason for returning the product. Please use the email address that you entered on our site when purchasing your Swell Hunter product(s) and order number.
  • 2. Repackage your products. Please also print off and enclose the email that you sent to us in step 1, just so we know who the return is from.
  • 3. Return via your preferred method. Please ensure that you use a tracked service and the package is insured to the value paid, to ensure that the product is returned to us safely, so we can issue a refund as quickly as possible.

Returns are normally processed within 10 working days, once the returned products have been received at our premises.

Swell Hunter will then issue a full refund, except in the rare event that an item is returned to us in an unsuitable condition. In such cases, Swell Hunter reserves the right not to refund the item and will arrange to send the item back to you at your expense.

A refund confirmation email will be sent to you once your return has been processed.

Can I leave the board inflated when not using it?

Yes you can! We recommend that you deflate the board to about 10 PSI when not being used for a period of over one week. You will need to pump it up to the correct PSI before heading out again. We recommend deflating the board if being stored for more than one month. If the board is left for a long period of time, it will naturally lose pressure – don’t panic, it’s a natural process for all ISUPs and doesn’t mean that it has a leak.

Can I ride waves on the board?

Absolutely! Our boards provide great stability and manoeuvrability when surfing waves! If you need some help finding which board is right for you, then please use our board finder.

Will the board fit into my car?

Yes, most probably! Even if you drive Mr Bean’s car, Swell Hunter boards are designed to roll down to approximately 76cm in length and fit with ease into a 90cm bag.

Can Swell Hunter Boards be used for river SUPing?

Definitely! The boards can be used on both salt and fresh water.

We are a retail outlet looking to stock Swell Hunter boards. How do we do this?

Great news! Contact us at contactus@swellhunter.co.uk with information such as location, potential order volumes and we will get back to you ASAP.

Do you offer discounts on buying multiple boards?

If you want to buy multiple boards, then contact us via contactus@swellhunter.co.uk and we will try to give you the best discount possible!

Do you have a question that isn’t on here?

We love to help with any additional questions! Please use the contact us page or email us at contactus@swellhunter.co.uk