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300XL Inflatable SUP WAS £450

The 300XL is the big daddy of the 300 board. The added 3 cm of depth (13cm rather than 10cm) throughout the board offers added stability without compromising on the speed, turning ability and glide of this design. Its narrow tail helps hold the board in steeper sections of the wave, whilst the added depth increases the rigidity of the board.

The added stability is not just for SUPers enjoying the waves, it is also great for beginners and for use on choppier days where added stability is needed in the water. You will be able to feel a significant difference in stability between boards that are 10cm deep and 13cm deep especially if you weigh between 80kg and 120kg.

Like all Swell Hunter boards, everything you need to start paddling is included in the price shown including super comfy coil Leash, roller backpack (with integrated wheels), 3 piece aluminium paddle, pump, the repair kit (ex.glue) and of course delivery*


  • Length: 10ft (300cm)
  • Width: 30 inches (76cm)
  • Depth: 5 inches (13 cm)
  • Pressure: 15-25psi (depending on weight of the rider)
  • Board’s weight: 11.4kg

  • Board and accessories’ weight: 15kg

  • Max rider weight: 105kg

Top tip: when comparing different brands, cheaper brands weigh substantially less than Swell Hunter and will pump to much lower PSIs (8-15). This is because our boards use a thicker, higher quality, PVC drop stitch which is reinforced meaning it can be pumped up to 25PSI. This results in an inflatable with the performance characteristics of a hardboard.

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